Who We Are

Antonio Vassallo (PI)

I am an assistant professor at the Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Administration and Social Sciences. I am a member of the International Center for Formal Ontology, where I coordinate the Philosophy of Physics research group. I hold a M.Sc. in physics from the University of Catania, and a Ph.D. in philosophy from the Universities of Lausanne and Warsaw. My research has so far dealt with the metaphysical issues related to spacetime in general relativity and quantum gravity, and the debate regarding the interpretations of quantum theory (with a special focus on the primitive ontology approach to quantum physics). My academic track record can be found here.

Pedro Naranjo (research assistant)

I am a theoretical physicist and a philosopher of physics. I earned a PhD in theoretical particle physics in 2010 at the Universities of Huelva and Patras. After realising this field would not satisfy my conceptual struggles, I set out to understand the major riddles of space, time and the quantum, which has led me into broader philosophical questions. My research efforts revolve around relational approaches to physics in general, and quantum gravity in particular, with an special interest in its metaphysical implications.
Since 2020 I am an assistant researcher at Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Administration and Social Sciences and a member of the Philosophy of Physics Research Group at International Center for Formal Ontology. Also, that same year I started PhD studies at the University of Warsaw.